Retailers process millions of transactions every day, and with every purchase a customer makes, new and potentially sensitive data is stored. Consequently, members of the retail industry are under the constant threat of cyber terrorists and hackers, who are after the massive quantities of valuable information they possess.

Despite having security measures in place, data is never more vulnerable than when updating machines or attempting to repurpose or destroy them. If a breach does occur, the end result is a complete loss of customer confidence, a massive disruption of internal operations, and a suffering bottom line that can persist long after the ordeal has ended.

Clarabyte has three solutions that will ensure your machines will be wiped clean, and if desired, repurposed and resold, with an ease and security that no other solution can match. Each of our solutions will work to improve quality control for customer returns, and lower the chances that your business will be held liable for any data breaches if they occur.

Clarabyte’s first solution, ClaraWipe, securely removes data in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), National Institute of Security and Technology (NIST) and over 10 other major security compliances. The second solution, ClaraCheck, runs automated diagnostics, driver injection, and OS deployment to a large number of devices simultaneously. Meanwhile, the last solution, ClaraSell, will assess all of the devices, recognize their value, and automate the listing and selling process. ClaraCheck and ClaraSell also generate an audit trail detailing each step to provide reassurance for retailers and their customers, and automate the workflow process.

Clarabyte serves retailers—and their customers—by improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of their services. To learn more or to schedule a demo, contact us today!