Repair Provider

For electronic repair firms and vendors focusing on IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), the consequences can be dire if even a small data breech occurs during the data wiping and repair process. They can lose their certifications, face legal penalties, and unintentionally leak trade secrets to the entire international community.

This is why proper data management and drive sanitization are key values for ITAD repair firms and vendors, and the reason any lack of adherence to these values—even if it’s entirely unintentional—can irreparably damage their reputation.

ITAD vendors and firms pour monetary and labor resources in an attempt to ensure that these consequences never come to fruition, but even then, errors still manage to slip through the cracks.

Clarabyte’s solutions eliminate the anxiety and hassle these firms and vendors deal with by providing groundbreaking solutions that exceed industry standards, enabling them to refocus their energies back to their actual purpose: fixing electronics. By freeing up time and labor costs, Clarabyte also saves money while simultaneously opening up a new revenue stream for secure management.

Firms using Clarabyte Complete will be amazed at the intuitiveness and straightforwardness of the solutions working in conjunction, even when working with a massive number of machines. After securely and efficiently wiping all of your devices clean using ClaraWipe, ClaraCheck will then run a top-notch diagnostic process that reveals any hidden value in the decommissioned electronics. Then the final solution, ClaraSell, will automate the buying and listing process.

The end result is complete quality control from start to finish. After the solutions have concluded, Clarabyte creates an automated audit trail for ITAD firms and vendors, which they can then pass on to their customers as a means of reinforcing their credibility. Clarabyte eliminates unnecessary anxieties, bolsters bottom lines, and enhances the quality of work that ITAD vendors and firms produce; allowing them to expand and advance their businesses.

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