For governments, secure data management is of utmost importance to assure the safety of the nation and those working for the nation. Lack of proper drive sanitization and validation can compromise millions of people, leaving them vulnerable to criminals and enemy nations. Therefore, ClaraWipe provides the solution of secure data removal that meets over 14 Security Compliance Standards, including National Institute of Security and Technology (NIST) and Department of Defense (DoD). We standby our product and assure government agencies that if Clarabyte used properly, there would never again occur a comprising incident. For instance, the 70 millions veterans left at threat of identity theft in 2009 due to improper data destruction by National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and its partners would no longer need to worry with Clarabyte at their side on every step of the way.

In addition to ClaraWipe, our ClaraCheck solution would address the concerns of replacing old machines through automated diagnostics, driver injection, and OS deployment to large number of devices simultaneously. Furthermore, ClaraSell would recognize the value, assess the devices, and determine the necessary steps to take regarding the decommissioned devices and drives. Not to mention, our automated audit trail provides proper documentation for the entire process. We take pride in streamlining the secure data management and workflow process for the government, so they worry less about technology implementation and more about governing our nation and it’s people.  

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