When it comes time for financial institutions to replace and repurpose their old machines, the results can be costly—and not just in the fiscal sense. Financial institutions possess massive amounts of critical data, from the most sensitive details about their clients to valuable corporate assets. This data is never more vulnerable than when wiping machines clean in an attempt to repurpose or securely destroy them. Institutions must ensure, for both their clients and themselves, that data destruction is handled with the utmost care and security. If a breach does occur, the institution could become the center of messy lawsuits and fines—irreparably damaging their credibility and reputation.

Clarabyte’s solution, ClaraWipe, goes above and beyond the call for secure data destruction by safely removing data with security compliance in accordance with EPA, Gramm Leach Lliley, FACTA, NIST and over ten other standards.

By utilizing ClaraWipe, a financial institution is taking the greatest measure in protecting their data and their bottom line. To learn more or to schedule a demo, contact us today!